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The Minack Chronicles

This website aims to bring the story of ‘The Minack Chronicles’ to a new generation of fans as well as existing readers. Through the many pages, we shall explore the life and work of Derek and Jeannie Tangye, provide answers to questions often asked by readers as we continually research and thus develop this site.
It really doesn't matter if you have or you haven't yet read all the books. So don't worry if you don't know every publication the website lists all of them. We can also help with suggestions on where to purchase them if you are looking for the original prints. We have several copies available along with the new reprints.

Research & Collection material

In our research for material we have gathered a rather large collection of memorabilia over the course of  some 20 plus years. It became apparent during those years that we  needed to seek a suitable repository which will maintain and hold that collection making it accessible to all and preserving it for future generations.
We also continue to seek any additional material both for the research and to add to the collection. If you have photos or items of interest, whether it is to use in the website or sell/donate  please do get in touch. We are grateful for the donations we have received as they have added to the collection and research which has given so much pleasure to other readers and fans. 

Contact Us

Please get in touch with your query or suggestions.
If you want to send images or other memorabilia get in touch first to make arrangements with us on how best to do this. Just click on the icon below to send us an email.

We set up our first Facebook page back in 2007 and since then have added a page for each book and several variations of the names for Derek and Jeannie and Oliver land simply to capture the variety of searches people make. We used to run a  forum but like many they have become fewer with Facebook providing the ability to chat in current time.
So what better way to reach out, not only to existing readers, but to a whole new audience.
Our main pages are:
  The Minack Chronicles.
Derek & Jeannie Tangye Minack Chronicles Nature Reserve
  Derek Tangye 1912-1996

  Oliver land
  (there are four variations for this one)

With the acceptance of Oliver land by Cornwall Wildlife Trust is the need to raise the funds to care for it.
We hope these pages encourage you to think about either making a donation or better still taking out a membership subscription.

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If you live local to any reserve you can also help by either visiting and recording the wildlife you see or see if there are any vacancies to become  a Wildlife Warden.

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