The    former    home    of    Derek    and    Jeannie Tangye    is    situated    near    Lamorna    Cove    in West   Cornwall. At   the   end   of   a   long   winding lane    which    is    private    lies    both    Dorminack and   Oliver   land.   Dorminack   is   private   and access   to   Oliver   land   is   via   the   South   West Coastal   Path.   It   is   possible,   currently,   to   use both   OS   footpaths   and   a   permissive   path   to Oliver land, details are given later. Dorminack is listed with English Heritage.

Oliver land - ‘A Place for Solitude’

A    Nature    Reserve    managed    by    Trustees; Derek    and    Jeannie    Tangye    bought    the    18 acres    to    preserve    it    in    perpetuity    for    the natural   flora,   fauna   and   wildlife   that   abide there.   The   public   may   use   it   as   a   ‘Place   for Solitude’,   for   quiet   contemplation,   to   feel   at one   with   nature,   to   admire   its   beauty   and timelessness. Oliver land is listed with Natural England.  
Dorminack and Oliver Land
One of our major aims in running this website, as well as many Facebook pages (see the list beneath the Home page tab) was to bring ‘The Minack Chronicles’ to a new generation of fans as well as existing readers. We hoped that by publicising the books and bringing the story of Minack to life it may result in that readership growing and a whole new generation of fans of ‘The Minack Chronicles’. Since the early part of this year, in keeping with Derek’s wishes The Derek and Jeannie Tangye Minack Chronicles Nature Trust has been placed in the care of The Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We expect to see new developments and changes in their keeping . We are grateful to  the former trustees who took a great deal of time and love to care for Oliver land, without which Derek and Jeannie’s plans and dreams would not have come to fruition. They ensured both the essence of the nature reserve and its continuance in perpetuity. We also wish The Cornwall Wildlife Trust every success in the future for its continuation of this special ‘Place for Solitude’. We are always looking for more information, memorabilia, photos etc with the intention of having a comprehensive and genuine collection to be preserved for future generations. If you have anything you would like to add please do contact us for further details. The collection is growing and we shall be leaving this legacy of works for future generations. Work on that is progressing. There are many pages to visit - each header has a drop down list of pages associated with it. For both Derek and Jeannie’s books click on each one to view some extracts from the books along with publishing details.  
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
Pencil drawing by Jeannie

The Minack Chronicles

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