Woman’s Weekly magazine
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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Woman’s Weekly published short serials of a number of Derek’s books as they were published. Woman’s Weekly was circulated across the globe which gave Derek a massive marketing campaign for his books. Many of the serials have been submitted by readers of the books who want to share them with other readers and fans alike. The date shown here is the date of publication for the magazine. Please click on each magazine to see the associated extract. We reproduce those we have been loaned,  or found in research, by kind permission of IPC Media.We now have a complete collection of the magazines and are currently scanning and preparing these for future display.
by kind submission by Grant Prendergast
Cottage on a Cliff - 1972 (no cover for the first one)
A Cornish Summer (one page only)
The Ambrose Rock - 1982 (page 45 missing)
Jeannie - 1988 (part 3 not yet available)
Sun on the Lintel - 1976
Woman’s Own magazine - 1961