The Tangye Archive is based in Morrab Library in Penzance.
Derek’s   quest   was   to   find   the   right   people   as   Trustees   for   Oliver   land   to   ensure   that   his   and Jeannie’s wishes and instructions would be carried out exactly as they desired. One    of    these    was    make    sure    all    of    his    and    Jeannie's    personal    papers,    diaries    and photographs   be   given   to   one   of   the   Trustees   of   The   Minack   Chronicles   Nature   Trust,   in order   that   they   be   destroyed   whilst   their   possessions   were   to   be   sold.   It   was   at   the   David Lay   Auction   House   that   a   special   auction   was   held   for   the   sale   of   Derek   and   Jeannie's possessions;   it   took   place   over   two   days   in   April   1997.   Both   readers   and   collectors      made their   way   to   the   auction   to   see   if   they   could   keep   a   small   piece   of   the   inheritance   that   Derek and Jeannie had left them. Several   of   the   Trustees   of   Oliver   land   were   also   there   and   they   secured   specific   items;   namely   notes   made   by   Derek   in   preparing   to write   his   books   and   a   scrapbook   of   some   of   Derek’s   first   newspaper   articles   when      he   was   a   journalist   amongst   many   others.   One very   precious   item   was   the   Garden   Log   book    in   which   Derek   had   first   started   to   keep   a   diary   of   their   daily   life   at   Minack;   details   of the   flowers   and   vegetables   they   grew   and   in   which   field   or   meadow   they   were   grown.   He   also   listed   the   price   of   buying   and   selling seeds,   fertiliser,   bulbs,   plants   and   potatoes;   the   weather,   plans   for   each   season   and   such   like.   The   bidding   for   the   Garden   Log   Book started   at   £50   and   rose   steadily,   finally   selling   for   £850! A   treasure   of   Minack   and   the   early   days.   The   Morrab   Library   agreed   to   hold this along with many such items in keeping for the Trustees. The    purchase    of    these    items    was    to    ensure    their    safety    and    continued    existence    for    they    represented    a    special    place    in    the preservation   of   Derek   and   Jeannie's   life   at   Minack.   The   crowds   at   the   auction   house   over   those   two   days   were   phenomenal   and included   TV,   Radio   and   press   coverage.   Today   readers   and   fans   can   visit   to   see   these   items.   There   are   also,   stored   at   the   Morrab, letters   (purchased   and   loaned   to   the   Tangye   Collection   by   a   private   donor)   written   to   the   Tangyes   by   Raleigh   Trevellyan   and Howard   &   Marilyn   Spring   as   well   as   an   invoice   for   the   magnificent   photos,   of   Jeannie,   by   Baron,   acclaimed   photographer   of   their time. The Morrab Library is at located at Morrab Gardens in Penzance and is a charity funded through membership and donations.  It is run by volunteers. It is open:  Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.    Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. By prior appointment only for Tangye papers on Tuesday or Friday. Access to Tangye Archive £5 daily membership.
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