Pencil drawings by Jeannie

The Story of The Minack Chronicles 

Prior   to   Derek   and   Jeannie   Tangye’s   move   to   Dorminack   they   had   very   demanding,   stress laden   roles;   Derek   as   an   MI5   Officer   and   Jeannie   as   Publicity   Officer   at   the   Savoy   Hotel   in London.   Their   lives   were   glamorous   to   say   the   least!   Mixing   with   the   stars   and   politicians of that era, such as Danny Kaye, George Brown and Gertrude Lawrence. For   several   years   they   pursued   their   careers   in   this   fashionable   London   lifestyle   until   came the   realisation,   as   has   been   the   case   for   so   many   in   the   ensuing   years,   that   this   form   of existence   was   just   that,   an   existence;   one   that   felt   both   shallow   and   unfulfilled. A   need   had surfaced   to   find   one's   own   way;   to   enjoy   the   more   natural   things   that   could   be   offered   by a   slower   pace   of   life;   one   in   which   you   can   feel   part   of   your   surroundings;   one   where material things were not important. Derek's   family   originated   from   Cornwall   and   he   had   spent   a   number   of   his   childhood years   at   the   family   home   at   Glendorgal,   near   Newquay;   hence,   he   and   Jeannie   came   to spend   their   holidays   in   Cornwall.   In   doing   so   it   had   led   them   to   think   Cornwall   would   be the   ideal   place   to   live.   They   had   been   staying   at   Lamorna   Cove   on   one   such   holiday   and   it was   whilst   walking   the   cliff   path,   arriving   at   a   spot   called   Carn   Barges,   that   Jeannie   cried out   'There   it   is'!   Far   away   to   their   right   was   a   small   cottage   hiding   in   the   woods,   tucked away out of the fiercest of westerly winds, Dorminack. It   may   have   been   the   hardships   that   can   often   come   with   such   rural   dreams   which   most likely   prompted   their   writing   careers.   With   Derek’s   early   career   as   a   journalist,   he   was already   a   published   writer.   For   Jeannie   with   her   glamorous   role   at   The   Savoy,   it   was   a relative   easy   step   to   them   both   using   their   experiences   for   the   basis   of   their   books.   In Derek’s   Tangye's   series   of   nineteen   autobiographical   books,   which   fondly   became   known as,   ' The   Minack   Chronicles' ,   he   tells   us   of   their   day   to   day   life,   the   events   that   occur   with the   donkeys,   the   cats   and   the   wildlife   that   share   their   life   in   a   simply   inspiring   and emotional   way   that   draws   us   in   and   fascinates   us;   of   their   unwavering   love   of   wild animals; the countryside and their unfaltering belief in the value of solitude.  
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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