Jeannie’s poem
Is   so   called   because   a   small   black   cat   was   sighted   on   the   land,   on   the   eastern   side   of   the   valley,   adjacent   to   Minack.   This   little   black   cat was   living   wild   and   could   be   seen,   frequently,   hunting.   Jeannie   named   him   Oliver.   Jeannie   had   prepared   a   small   shelter   for   him   in   the woods along the lane near Monty's Leap. Eventually with feeding and coaxing he became part of the Minack household. Although   Derek   and   Jeannie   had   access   to   this   land,   some   18   acres,   it   was   not   originally   part   of   Minack.   It   wasn't   until   many   years later   that   it   came   up   for   sale.   Margaret   Smith   at   the   pottery   alerted   Derek   and   Jeannie   to   the   sale   and   they   managed   to   secure ownership with a 10 pence phone call. Their decision to keep Oliver Land as a place for the wildlife long after they had gone was a deep felt wish that took a great deal of planning; to find not only the right people to be Trustees but also what to do after that role ceased. Derek also decided to have what he called ‘Associate Trustees’. These were to be people who he specially selected as he deemed that they were truly on the same Wavelength. If Oliver Land was threatened, the Associate Trustees could be called upon to help. Oliver   Land   is   a   registered   charity   under   the   name   '   The   Derek   and   Jeannie   Tangye   Minack   Chronicles   Nature   Trust   .’   It   is   a   place for   the   wildlife   -   birds,   foxes,   badgers,   mice.   voles,   insects   and   butterflies.   Given   it's   location   it   is   not   accessible   from   the   road;   thus   it is   protected   from   crowds   of   visitors.   It   is   not   preserved   for   people   but   access   is   allowed   for   those   who   seek   solitude;   to   enjoy   the   quiet peace, to contemplate nature and the elements. Oliver   Land   includes   many   places   referred   to   in   the   books   such   as   'Jeannie's   Shelter',   Blackthorn   Alley',   'Clover   Downs'   'King   Alfred Meadow',   'Ambrose   Rock',   the   'Honeysuckle   Meadow',   the   latter   being   where   Derek   and   Jeannie's   ashes   were   scattered   and   where Ambrose also rests. This is a very private area so please do not try to enter it. Most readers will recall the poem which is associated with Oliver Land. It was written by Jeannie following Penny’s death. There are two verses and most readers will already know the second verse. Today   Oliver   Land   forms   part   of   A   Higher   Level   Stewardship   scheme,   operated   by   Natural   England, managed   by   land   owners.   With   ownership   of   land   comes   responsibility   to   care   for   it.   This   scheme   makes   it   is   possible   for   Oliver   Land to   be   maintained   and   cared   for   in   a   way   that   Derek   and   Jeannie   would   have   understood.   To   quote   Natural   England   ‘Oliver   Land   was, along   with   Rosemodress   Farm,   targeted   for   HLS   by   the   RSPB   and   Natural   England   to   put   in   place   appropriate   management   to   benefit Chough......’.      It   is   registered   as   Permissive Access   as   part   of   the   HLS   and   that   is   effective   until   2020. A   map   of   Oliver   Land   is   available for you to view at Natural England . Do have a look at the Maps and photos of Oliver Land especially the Bluebells Blazing across Oliver Land page.

Oliver Land

Jeannie’s poem Jeannie’s poem
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