This   website   and   discussion   forum   aims   to   be   are   a   source   of   information   as   well   as   a meeting   place   for   fans   of   The   Minack   Chronicles ”.   Whether   you   have   read   the   books   or not   will   make   no   difference   to   your   enjoyment   of   finding   out   about   the   life   of   Derek   and Jeannie   Tangye.      A   place   to   share   your   passion   for   The   Minack   Chronicles ”   with   other likeminded    people,    or    those    to    whom    Derek    often    referred    as    being    on    the    same ‘wavelength’. There are no membership fees or charges - it is all FREE. We    have    compiled    a    selection    of    photographs    from    various    sources,    newspaper    and magazine   articles   all   for   the   sole   purpose   of   providing   a   central   reference   point   for   fans.   If you   have   any   memorabilia   that   you   too   would   like   to   share   with   other   fans   you   can   send   a photograph to us together with details and we will post it on the webpages. Our   discussion   forum   contains   more   photographs   and   memorabilia   and   you’ll   find   our contact details on the tab beneath our Home Page tab on the navigation bar above. Many   fans   have   changed   their   lives   radically   as   a   result   of   reading   the   books,   or   meeting Derek   and   Jeannie,   others   have   made   new   friends;   many   are   new   readers,   what   about   you? Has   reading   the   books   affected   your   life   in   any   way,   such   as   moving   away   from   the   city? Growing your own plants? Taking up a new hobby? Changing jobs? Whatever the change, please, do let us know. We   refresh   the   website   from   time   to   time   and   often   add   new   pages   so   if   you   don’t   see   what you   are   looking   for   today   come   back   at   a   later   date   as   it’s   likely   a   new   page   will   have   been added. Please let us know if there is something you would like to be added to the website. .
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye

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