The Derek and Jeannie Tangye Minack Chronicles Nature Trust
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The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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When   Derek   and   Jeannie   secured   the   purchase   of   Oliver   Land   it   was   their   intention      that   it   should   become   a   safe   haven   for   the   animals; birds;   insects   and   the   plants.   Having   lived   at   Minack,   seeing   the   animals   using   the   land,   caring   for   some   of   them   when   they   were injured   or   sick,   Jeannie   believed   it   should   belong   to   them   and   that   it      should   remain   so   when   she   and   Derek   had   gone.   Both   of   them had   found   solace   and   comfort   in   Oliver   Land.   Jeannie   certainly   felt   the   ‘magic’   of   ‘The   Ambrose   Rock’   -      a   place   to   contemplate   and makes   ‘wishes’.   At   one   time   they   were   to   have   their   ashes   scattered   down   among   the   cliff   meadows.   However,   the   little   meadow   ‘The Honeysuckle   Meadow’   became   a   favourite   place   to   sit   and   admire   the   view   of   the   sea   and   watch   the   wildlife   and   plants   through   the seasons;   thus   this   was   to   be   their   last   resting   place.   Ambrose   is   also   buried   there.   We   would   ask   that,   when   visiting,   you   do   not   enter The Honeysuckle Meadow’  and give due respect to their last resting place. The   Trust   is   now   called   The   Derek   and   Jeannie   Tangye   Minack   Chronicles   Nature   Trust ’   and   was   stipulated   in   Derek’s   last   will   and testament.   It   was   started   in   1996   following   Derek’s   death   with   five   Trustees.   Two   trustees,   resigned   in   2005,   due   in   part   to   the   amount of   work   that   had   been   generated      by   the   ‘fan   club’   that   had   grown   when   they   started   a   newsletter   for   information   about   Oliver   Land. Since the beginning of 2019 the trust is now managed by The Cornwall Wildlife Trust . Whilst   income   was   generated   from   both   the   sale   of   Derek   and   Jeannie’s   effects   it   also   came   from   donations   sent   in   by   fans. After   a   few years   the   Trustees   requested   that   people   should   no   longer   do   so.   Today   income   comes   primarily   from   the   agricultural   schemes.   The Trustees   have   more   recently   entered   into   an   agricultural   bio-diversity   scheme   under   the   Higher   Level   Stewardship   Scheme   offered   by DEFRA,   (Department   for   Environment,   Food   and   Rural Affairs)   It   is   run   in   tandem   with   their   neighbours   at   Dorminack,   (of   which   Jane Bird   is   tenant)   and   Rosemodress   Farm.   Oliver   Land   must   be   managed   in   such   a   way   as   to   protect   the   environment   and   wildlife.   A crucial   part   of   the   scheme   is   to   enable   the   ‘chough’   to   begin   nesting   again   in   the   area   and   raise   the   numbers   of   this   declining   species.     Please visit the sites indicated by the buttons below for further information. For   those   who   are   familiar   with   Oliver   Land   but   haven’t   visited   for   some   years   there   have   been   many   changes   which   some   of   you   may or   may   not   like.   Please   remember   however   that   the   key   factors   are   that   Derek   and   Jeannie   wanted   the   land   to   remain   a   haven   for   plants and   wildlife,   our   presence   is   secondary   to   that   legacy,   such   access   being   ‘A   Place   for   Solitude’.   Under   the   Natural   England   access scheme,   public   access   is   enabled   until   2020.   The   Trust   also   provides   for   a   bursary   at   Falmouth   College   to   be   awarded   to   students   for literary work.   (any project however must not be based on the Minack Chronicles)                      
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