‘The Way to Minack’  
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
Natural England
The maps below depict the fields outline and show the progress of the coastal path, part of which Derek himself created. A map depicting the Dorminack tenancy is also available but please contact us for a copy of this. The first map is an OS Map dated 1908, the second is dated 1964 and the third is dated 1995. You will see the paths changing over time. In 1908 the pathways only crossed Minack and Oliver land from the Winding Lane. In 1964 we see the beginnings of a coastal path with finally, in 1995, the coastal path truly established and now crossing Minack. In this later map we have created a visual guide to the fields and places mentioned in the books together with photos. Please take your time using your mouse to cross over Minack and Oliver Land to find these. The final map is shown courtesy of Natural England as this shows the Higher Stewardship Scheme for Oliver Land which has been designated with public access until 2020. Please note that access to Minack is not included as this is private property and no-one should attempt to use the gated entrance/exit to Dorminack found along the coastal path. Nor should anyone use the original entrance to Oliver Land, at the end of the Winding Lane. The lane is only for access by Minack residents and the Trustees of The Derek and Jeannie Tangye Minack Chronicles Nature Trust, the latter having access to Oliver Land from the lane in order to bring in equipment necessary to maintain Oliver Land. We would add that we have included this section because so many people have expressed their desire to see Minack and Oliver Land but for various reasons are unable to do so. For that reason we reproduce them here. (Derek would not necessarily approve of such as he felt that by reading the books people will either travel to Minack in their mind or find it for themselves) When visiting please treat Oliver Land with due care especially remembering the country code. It is a special place for wildlife and we do not have a right to be there only ‘permission’.  Please click on each map for an enlarged version. The 1995 version will take you to an interactive webpage.
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