Jeannie’s Memorial Day
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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Jeannie Tangye Jean Everald Nicol
From ‘The Evening Gull’, Memorial service for Jeannie
Those who knew Jean Nicol Tangye in her Savoy Hotel, Claridges and Berkeley world, and those who know her    as the heroine of the Minack Chronicles are invited to join together in remembering her,    sometime during Sunday March 23rd, and wherever they may be.........placing the Cornish daffodil meadows    of Minack which she loved so much as the setting in their minds of her Memorial Service.”
Derek placed  the following in The Telegraph and The Times and cards were sent to those who wrote.
We draw from the books to tell you of Derek’s desire for us all to take a few moments to remember Jeannie. Each year we celebrate her life by remembering her on her birthday, 23rd March.
extract from 'The Evening Gull' Announcing Jeannie's death.
David Cornwell’s Funeral Address
Western Morning News Article