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The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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Jeannie   started   writing   at   Minack   before   Derek.   Her   first   book      Meet   me   at   the   Savoy’       was   a   true   story   based   on   her   life and   work   whilst   she   was   employed   as   Publicity   Officer   at   The   Savoy   Hotels   group.   She   followed   this   one   with   three   more, all    fictional    accounts    of    stories    based    in    hotels.   All    were    extremely    popular    and    several    were    reprinted    due    to    their popularity.   Meet   me   at   the   Savoy    was   reprinted   nearly   a   dozen   times   the   last   being   in   1962.   Cover   version   shown   below here.