Why Facebook in addition to a website? Websites   are   great   for   giving   information   and   viewing   content   but   they   are   not socially   interactive.   With   the   arrival   of   a   number   of   social   netwroking   sites   and Facebook   proving   one   of   the      most   successful   and   popular   what   better   way   to reach   out   to   not   only   existing   readers   but   a   whole   new   audience.   We   started when   we   were   part   of   a   previous   website   we   ran   and   maintained   and   continued when   we   started   this   website.   Facebook   enables   you   to   name   a   page   and   so whilst    naming    was    easy    when    it    came    to    the    books    we    had    no    choice    to continue   with   the   existing   name   of   our   first   facebook   page.   We   then   went   on   to add   more   and   more   pages   in   order   to   capture   the   various   ‘searches’   people   may carry out so we now have several pages for each subject. The main pages are:- The   Minack   Chronciles.    (important   to   key   that   full   stop!   as   there   is   another   page without it) Derek and Jeannie Tangye Minack Chronicles Nature Reserve Oliver   land   (four   variation   on   this   one,   with   name   linked   or   address   variation) This link is to the most popular one. Derek and Jeannie have several under their names in full or shortened name. Derek Tangye  1912-1996 (the most liked page) Jeannie Tangye Memorial Day
The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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