The Minack Chronicles Derek and Jeannie Tangye
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Oliver land   ~     Bluebells blazing across Oliver land 
A   late   May   afternoon,   cool   but   hazy   and   bright.   From   the   Lamorna   Pottery,   I   follow   grassy   footpaths   along   the   eastern   side   of   the Lamorna   Valley   towards   Castallack   and   then   take   the   road   down   into   the   Lamorna   Valley.   The   hedgerows   are   alive   with   bluebells, pink campion and stitchwort and, here and there, foxgloves spires yet to bloom and reveal their pink beauty. Bluebells   border   the   permissive   path   as   far   as   the   eye   can   see.   I   reach   the   Donkey   Walk;   shimmering   sea,   the   landscape   covered   in bluebells.   At   Carn   Barges,   I   look   towards   Oliver   land;   the   landscape   a   haze   of   blue,   the   promise   of   more   bluebells   to   delight   the eye.   On   to   Oliver   land   and,   as   I   walk   up   the   path   from   the   entrance   there   are   bluebells   everywhere   poking   up   from   the   cover   of   the young   green   bracken   shoots. A   spectacular   view   as   I   turn   and   look   back   towards   Carn   Barges. At   the   Honeysuckle   Meadow   the   sun is   now   out,   shades   of   blue,   the   old   sycamore   tree   etched   against   the   sky.   Clover   Downs   is   ablaze   with   bluebells   and   buttercups, their bright yellow pin pricks of light. A time to pause and enjoy nature’s beauty. In Blackthorn Alley it is just as Derek wrote: “Bluebells proliferate on Oliver land in the spring, and the tiny white flowers of the stitchwort mingle with them, and pink campion too; pink campion much loved by the donkeys…..”                                                                                                                              extract ‘The Ambrose Rock’ At   the Ambrose   Rock,   nature   has   provided   another   show   of   natural   beauty   as   a   blaze   of   bluebells   replaces   the   daffodils   that   were in bloom just a few weeks ago. A spring walk to remember with memories to treasure. Special thanks  to © Penny Lloyd