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Oct 8, 2012
Hi Jean, We have many members but they come and go in terms of what they are doing in their own lives. Sometimes they are here for a couple of weeks and others a few weeks and then we dont see them for several months and something triggers them into returning a bit like yourself when you look at past photos.
Facebook, Twitter Instagram and many other instant social media sites have affected many forums. We believe however that the forum should be available as long as we continue so that there is consistency and a regular place for fans to return to where the chatter is about that many topic and where it is genuine love of the books etc. We have continued the forum for over ten years and plan to do so as when people drop in as they fancy.
Presently it is quiet but it happens from time to time and then suddenly a wave of people start dropping in.
~You have been a member for 3 years! Well done! We have some who have been members since last year and some who joined right near the beginning.
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