New forum software and other stuff.....


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Oct 7, 2012
Isle of Arran
Hello everyone.

You will have noticed the forum has a new look, hopefully one you like. We had been planning for some time to change the forum software for something much more modern. Our previous software, although up to date is based on older technologies and getting the forum to be responsive for those with mobile devices was extremely complicated. Basically it involved having two forums and detecting what the user was viewing on and switching them to the appropriate site and praying they weren't using both a PC and tablet at the same time!
The new software is mobile friendly by design and much easier to administer.

I have managed to recover all posts made on the old forum software and you should find your password, avatar etc. all still work as before.

On the old site we had user galleries where you could upload photos. Unfortunately, these have been lost in the changeover. The company who wrote the gallery software are not going to supply a converter to the new forum so I'm afraid there is nothing I can do, the photos are still on our server but we have no way to identify who they belong to. The new forum has its own built in album and galleries so there will be no problems in the future with installing new verions, the same team who wrote the forum software write the gallery too. Galleries and albums can be added via the "Media" tab on the mein menu.

One big addition of the new album or media system is it also allows video to be uploaded and displayed alongside your photos. Speaking of video, we had quite an extensive collection of videos in the multimedia section on the old site. I have installed streaming software on our server so we can continue to view these videos however, it will take me a little time to work my way through the threads to convert each one to the new system.

Anyway, hope you like the new forum, we know there are lots of little niggles with text being too faint and various colour s being too close together but we are working our way through, reconfiguring as we go. As ever, if you have any probelms with the site just drop me a PM and i'll do my best to get it sorted out ASAP :)


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Oct 21, 2012
I cannot thank you both enough,after many many holidays in Cornwall,(We used to go 4 or more times a year) because Gills Multiple Sclerosis has become more advanced,holidays are out except when we go to Heysham for a few days.This wonderful site is a lifeline for me,I have spent hours enjoying the photos and have recently been looking at the Womans Weekly pages,as Gill said thank you so much Jeff and Linda


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Oct 8, 2012
we are also working on a new Tangye Bookshop but this also has new software which is causing us both a ' headache' as we try and work out how this particular front end display works... behind the scenes software is still the same but front end would be lovely bear with us on this it has taken several weeks already!! :) We will get there!!
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