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New Profile Posts

  1. GillB
    Thank you Brenda for your visitor's message and my apologies for my late reply. I have looked at your UK blog and will go back to read some more. Pity we didn't know each other before your trip to Norwich as a coffee together would have been good. I am sorry the weather was not the best on you visit to Norwich and you didn't get a proper look around the market. I will seek out the other posts you mention. Brundall as you know is very close by.
  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl Gingerboy100
    Hi Gingerboy,don't laugh I thought you were my son at first as we call him Ginger boy!I can say that without offence as I'm ginger too!anyway welcome to the forum hope that you will join in all the chat soon. Cheryl
  3. Cheryl
    Cheryl Joyce W
    Hello Joyce and welcome,looking forward to chatting to you and sharing Cornwall. Cheryl
  4. Bolton Wanderer
    Bolton Wanderer Joyce W
    Welcome to this wonderful Tangye site Joyce,if you enjoy the books you will love it here John
  5. Brenda
    Brenda GillB
    Hi, GillB. Just noticed on your post that you live in Norwich. We were there in April during our six-week trip around the UK. Too bad we hadn't known each other then; I could possibly have met up with you for a coffee. We visited longtime friends who live in Brundall. I wrote a couple of posts on my UK blog about the stop if you're interested: ukloveaffair.blogspot.ca. One's called Quirky Norwich, and the other is Some Assembly Required.
  6. Linda
    Linda tarn
    are you having difficulty logging in ???